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Write right, alright? Four simple ways to improve your written communication.

As a professional writer, editor and custom magazine producer, words are our business. Not everyone is a natural born writer, but with a bit of thought and practice, anyone can put together compelling communications. Here's the go-to advice from the Propeller Media team.

Write like you speak
If you sat down for a coffee meeting with a new contact and your opening line was “Dear person sitting across from me, I wish to say hello and inform you of my services in the hope that one day we may possibly do business together.” It’s ridiculous, right? When you’re writing copy or in day to day emails try to picture the person you’re conversing with and write like you’re speaking directly to them.

Write for the right medium
Using the right amount of words or the right tone of voice is as important as spelling. No one has time to read a thesis and like the point above, no one wants to be formally spoken to unless you’re a judge. In the case of social media, language is critical – the photo hooks the eye but the words engage the brain.

Get to the point
There’s no need to fluff about with extra words. Say what you mean and be direct. Have confidence in what you’re sharing or asking for. And don’t forget, if you’re making a request of someone, be sure to actually ask for what you want. Always be closing, as they say.

Make it look good
This does not mean 18pt headings in pink with shadow outlines and a flashing border. No. Just no. There’s nothing more sexy than a document set in a simple font like Times New Roman or Cambria, 12pt, single spaced with no flourishes in sight. Maybe Ryan Gosling, but Cambria 12pt comes pretty close for me.