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Should you TELL the story or SELL the story?

There’s a big difference between “telling” a story and “selling” a story. A brand can tell a story via content like a custom magazine or a web article, but sell a story to the media or direct to audience. They’re two very different activities, but oh so linked. Obviously the outcome is selling a product or service (we’re in business after all, aren’t we!), but the manner in which the message gets out is where it gets interesting. 

Telling a Story

There are many ways your brand can tell a story. Long form content, a magazine, videos, a quick snapchat, photography etc. The key is to match the storytelling platform to the audience, and then tell the story using the most appropriate language and medium for the platform and the audience. For example your brand might offer financial services for university graduates or first timers in full time work. Where is the audience hanging out – on Instagram perhaps, watching Bachelor recaps on The Vine or travelling via Scoot? Your campaign content might come to life as a quick vid for social media, backed up by a digital ad, published as a long form piece on your website and as an advertorial in Scoot Magazine. 

Selling a Story

Writing a media release is a great start in selling your story but it’s not everything. It has to hit the sweet spot of audience and platform too. As a member of the media I receive what feels like a million media releases a day, many are average at best. The stories with cut through are those with an immediate angle tailored to my media interests. Just like the example above, tailoring the message to the audience is key – this time the audience is the journalist, but make sure you’re hitting up the right journalist. Do your research. Clearly and simply share the story and supply all the necessary elements for easy publishing – images, video, words and contacts. The easier you make it to share, the more traction you’ll get with the journalist. 

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Stephanie Williams is the director of Propeller Media, holds a B.Comm (Marketing) and Grad. Dip. (Design), and loves sharing brand stories with diverse audiences.